Friday, March 9, 2012

You Know Your Wrong Files!!!!

Needless to say one of the major reasons I go to CIAA events is to take in all the great foolishness... Thats just walking around in the open for all to see!!! YEEEP! Its like its my damn birthday... All this crazyness for me??!?!?! O You shouldn't have... No really YOU SHOULDNT HAVE! But since you did... I had to take a pic! :-) I really dropped the ball on this one though. Because I forgot I brought my new fancy cam because it tapes HD videos! You guys could have seen all this greatness for yourself... I wont forget ever again. But I hope these pics will help you just get a idea of what was going on!!!

Its just something about grown women with two pony tails that just BOTHERS me... I don't know why damnit it just does Photobucket

Now I'm a firm believer that you should not drink if you can't handle it! If you find yourself sleep on the side of a Epic Center shop uptown Charlotte in the middle of CIAA, with PISS all over you!!!! :-O Needless to say you have drank too damn much Photobucket He should have just put the damn cup down!!!

And oddly enough ten steps to the left of the pissy man was the earl man... This man found his-self sleep on the side of a Epic Center shop throwing up all on his-self!!!!! And Photobucket

Now everyone who listens to Bangnat Radio, or who just know me. Know I live by the motto... Just because its in your size don't mean you should wear it...
Photobucket someone should have told the lady in Gold this...

As much as I seem to run into foolishness I know more is to come....

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