Thursday, March 8, 2012

Random Thanks

So today oddly is the first real day I felt the weight of being the H.B.I.C.
The people on my team know I'm pretty laid back. And I honestly just float along. But I never understood how much I needed help, until I got help. You see, I was a team of two and three for so long.... Me and Ozy have been in business together for something like six or seven years now. And people have come, saying they could do this, or that they could do that. But always fell short... Or fell off... I honestly can't recall the names, or the whereabouts of none of them! Last year I decided to hire a PR rep. And it was something I didn't have to put any thought into. I picked LEE. We went to college together and oddly we were the only two people who heard the funniest line known to man, outside a club! (SMH) But I watched the work he did with my graphic designer and my homie whose a photographer we also went to school with. I was very impressed. So picking him with nothing. The more we worked together, the more I saw how smoothly things can run when you have the right team at the right time. He brings ideas and suggestions to the table I promise I would have NEVER thought of!!!! He is one of the few people who knows how to break things down to the point where I will understand them. And also can make me bend to a compromise even when I'm ready to toss the towel in. (Yes I have those days! More then a lot of people would think. Not toss the towel in on the things I have going on. Just some of the things we are adding. Everyone who knows me knows I take five shots of FUCK IT! Every morning! I'm fast to say I don't have to deal with this shit. And just doing me. But working with Ralph has helped me grow! I'm learning to deal w/ situations I would have normally walked away from! And he's honestly saved many a motherfunker a proper EJ curse out!!!! I love having someone that can be the bad guy for me.... Now when I curse someone out its just for fun. Not because I'm going to have to put my foot up someone's butt for not doing something!
I honestly have an amazing team!!!! Major s/o going to KB we have been friends for so freaking long I think we going on 12 years now. And he has had my back from the jump! Forever being 100% supportive. And believing in the vision!
And Ozy Reigns whose been down for me for a good number of years! Always pushing me to do beyond my best. :-) And of course to the guys who keep the visuals popping (KB helps out with this at times) But my web designer Jacques of All Trades LLC!!! And of course my web designer whose been with me since 2001!!!! And I'm not going nowhere!!!! 101 LLC all day! He has skills too! He's been putting out a new cartoon here's a little clip

Ozy said it in one of his songs and its beyond true! "I got a team and we don't play!"

And I just want to thank them for all they do!

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