Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend has been non-stop. We did the Bangnat Radio photo shoot. Which was soooo much fun! I got a chance to get all did up...

I do what I can when I do it you see... lol Major s/o to my glam team. Era keeps my hair on point and my face beat!!! I'm not a make-up wearer at all. I stop at lip gloss but Era keeps me from looking like Hatchet Face from Cry baby. Thats not a good look...

But we did a few videos you can peep

Its a lot of changes about to happen w/ Bangnat Radio, so we need new promo pics. And I love it. Things are going well over here! I'm very happy but very tired. People act like I'm out here like I never sleep the grind never sleeps.. Fuck that I sleep... Take naps too. Hell the grind can wait until I wake up from this good nap. Its just crazy how I get pulled in so many different directions. And I want to help everyone. But truth of the matter is I can't be. I am only one person. Trying to do it all. I feel like some people don't get that. O well... Nap time here I come

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