Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hard Work Pays Off

Its very true... hard work does pay off. But being over worked will burn you out! I'm on the edge of being overworked. I missed my studio session. I just knew it was tomorrow. This is of no good!!! Now I'm going to be spreading myself extra thin through out this week to try and recover the session i missed today! Its going to be a long week I can already tell. I know some people be on that whole I will sleep when I'm dead... The grind don't sleep shit. NOPE! EJ sleeps! I sleep I nap! I gets my rest. Let me not get rest and well hmmmmm.... release.... I wouldn't have a team any more... Talk about a cranky BITCH!!! (I know me... No need to sugar coat it!) I wouldn't want to be around me!!!
I spent this most wonderful day IN BED! after I left the J-O it was a wrap for me! I just wanted that QT w/ my pillow (We have a love thing going on!)

But this is one of those days I have to let that Kanye rock.....

Because when its all said and done. I wont be taking no days off until my spaceship takes off!!!! Photobucket

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