Sunday, March 18, 2012

All Types Of Niggadom

Yesterday was just one of those days for me. Someone que the Monica!
Still working like 50 something hour weeks... So you know that means Saturdays. I was in a training with this guy on Friday. We sat beside each other and was bugging out. (O yeah I will tell you until I'm making a comfortable living off the radio, and they dish out some benefits I'm going to keep the 9-5! I have a shoe addiction. And I'm not about to crawl up to my moms asking her for a 20 spot so I can get my next fix lol.) But I notice pretty much right away... This kat looks like my X-Husband.... And acts like him, him the Pre-AssHoleStrangerDangerBitch years! But I go back to my seat and think nothing of it. But by the time I seat down, kat has already hit me up on the I.M. In real life..... So on Saturday he hits me up again... And starts to ask me about movies... I told him the last movie I saw. And was told "That's depressing" (Nobody knows about my Empress life.... So I just let him go on) He following that up with.. "I'm going to deliver you from your realm of nothingness.." Direct quote... This mere moment let me know the type of day I was in for!!! O you already know I clutched my pearls!!!! So after that I had to shoot some promo vids with KB for The Fleet Conf coming up in July. But I was suppose to be going to ALT with my homies J. Cole AKA ColeWorldNoSnuggy and DH for Jacoles BDay. but thanks to my allergies I knew that wouldn't happen too fast. Took a chick out the game pretty much. I will be fine for a few hours... But then the CRASH!!!! :-( All BAD! But me and KB find this nice chill place right... This is our recording spot for now on!!! But we got all types of thrown off in this little spot. Just started to kick back and chill. Had some beers and hit the hookah and had some friend time. Me and KB been friends going on like 12 years. And now that we do the show together, sometimes we run out of time in a day just to catch up on friend shit.... We come 100% real on the show. But we don't tell all our business. Some ish we just have to have friend time for. When we drop some of these videos. So while we are chewing the fat... I get my homegirl all types of lost!! But it all came together. And we had a ball in the time we did get to hang. Now I tell folk.. yes folk... Random moments of foolishness just happens to me... Like I be stuck all up in all types of Niggadom!!!! ALL TYPES I SAY!!! But after I was late getting to the spot due to Niggadom Moment #1 which was following behind a truck in a one lane... Noway out street!!! Whose idea of giving someone a tow was bumping the car in front of its bumper every time it stopped.... Yeah I thought you may think I was making this greatness up... Nope not at all... Seeeeeeeee How in the hell did I tape it w/ no sound is beyond me. But this is what I will call Niggadom... O but wait it gets better. Because when me and the girls were leaving the spot... We ran into a man who informs us he's a stripper... O how I wish I would have got the start of this. But he put his stripper dance on hold long enough for me to pull out the cam. OJOY!!!! Yeah I had to tip him..... I've been to a many of strip club, and they just don't bring it like he brought it!!! Did you not see the arm hanging in mid air... Did you not see the quality of poppin and lockin he was doing.... This is so not your everyday!!! Then I hit up Mr. D Chiz BDay surprise BDay had a ball....... until my allergy meds wore off... Then of course back to the house... And there you have it

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