Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wolly V.

So I know you guys see me tweet and IG about my art dealer! But I'm really a lover of art. I met Wolly V. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS ago on the Queen City Hip Hop scene!!! And he's just a cool kat! Always been the same.... And me being a very systematic person likes sameness! LOL Anywho. Wolly introduced me to his art crew God City, and I was just GONE after that! I had to have a piece!!! You see in college art was my minor for a very short period of time.(Before I got kicked out the program... And NO it wasn't for lack of skill.... My A.D.D. would never allow me to just sit there for three hours and be that quiet... It creep-ed me out really) Back to the story. I had a professor Dr Hooker. Who always said.... Your house is not a home unless you have art on the wall. (Yes that's what stuck with me all these many years later!!!) So I was hell bent on making my house a home and putting art on my walls. So when it was time to start Wolly was the only person I thought about going to!!!! I brought my 1st piece back in 2010! I don't know what he calls it. All I know is that I love it!!!!! This one hands in my bedroom above my bed! Hasn't moved since the day I brought it home! LOVE IT!
I even had a print made and hung it in my office because I loved it so much. Now this year I got two more paintings! The next one hangs in my livingroom. Everyone who has walked in has said something about it right off back. I love it!
AMAZING!!! And the last piece I have is
And she lives in the kitchen!!! I tried to told you. I have a God City House! Its that deep!!!! And I have another one on the way!!!! HELLS YEAH!!! This one speaks volumes to my life.
Yes I have a problem. I'm buying art like I buy shoes!!! But it's ok! I like supporting independent businesses. Hell Ikea got more money then they know what to do with. Might as well help the smaller companies out! Especially when they are putting out amazing products! (Don't get me wrong though. You will find me in a Ikea store!!! FOSHO! Anywho Wolly has put together a collection of his works for his new book Day Dreaming @ Night Vol 4 (Hardcover)! Which I think is steal! You get so many pieces for $45.00 in one neat little book. Trust I paid over $45.00 for one!!! So knowing I wouldn't have to pick and choose! Is what I'm talking about!!!! I can't wait for my copy to come in! He's taking pre-orders on his site now!!!!! I know times are hard, so if $45 is a little rich for your blood you can also buy prints on the site as well... Here's the direct link to the store He also does custom works!!!!!! So you may want to hit him up! He's a real cool cat! And very talented. You can find him on Twitter: @elvinyl

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