Saturday, November 24, 2012

Twilight: Los Angeles 1992

So last night me and my brother (we didn't take a picture....errrrrrr sad face) Went to the Theater. On the menu tonight. Twilight: Los Angeles 1992!
Its a play that is based on interviews which were done around the time of the Rodney King beating. So it wasn't a play in the sense that you have a script plot etc. It was a really put together from the interviews, which I found to be very creative! Mixed with dance. Its really a great play. I was very young when the riots happen, and I never got to dig really into the heart of everything that happen. So this gave me a whole different view into the rage, and emotions that were happening during this time. The actors were amazing!!!!!!!!!!! But I have to give props to the three who stood out. James Lee Walker II MAN-O-MAN!!!!!! He is for lack of a better word AMAZING!!! He took on so many characters and accents! He did that! All I can say!!! He's amazing to watch!
John Price was really really good too!!! He had me on the edge of my seat a lot of the time. Eyes glued!!! And Amy Wada
brought the funny! She had me rolling! But she also flipped it and pulled out the emotions. Everyone did an amazing job. You guys know I have to give major props to my cousin Toi who was one of the featured dancers in the play!!!! (Proud Cousin over here!!) But these three stand out the most. You really should go check out the play. If you go today or tomorrow you can get a discount on tickets by using the password: ToLiveAndDieInLA you will get 40% Off today 11/24 and 30% off on 11/25 Twitter: @YOUARENOWONQ

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