Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blue Studs

So if you follow me on instagram ( ) it is not hard to see that I'm so into shoes! But I do have a dirty little secret. I don't have an arch in my foot, so I can't wear pumps without ankle straps... SHAME ON IT ALL!!!! Which I hate!!! Because Trust my shoe game would go up a million to what it already is. Yes I have a problem! And now I'm about to make my problem your problem!!! I feel every cute pair of shoes should be out living a life of scandal!!! So if I find a cute pair I'm sharing with the world!!! Somebody needs to be out in these!!! TOMORROW!!!! They are only $95.00 on amazon!!! Hell they are out of my size in this nasty blue color anyway!!! No 8 1/2's :-( Thats just rude!!! They have the black in all sizes... But they just aren't taking it to the next level like these blue one's are!!!!

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