Thursday, November 15, 2012


So I will keep it 100 with everyone. I didn't ride a city bus until I was 28! I was in LA, had to get somewhere. Jumped on the bus. I oddly liked it. Because its an outstanding number of foolish things that happen on your way to where your going. Examples: A black lady got on the bus in a full blue Kimono, socks and wooden funny two brick sandals. I got my life off that. I was sooooo confused. Then I saw a young man who got in a fight. He ran on the bus. Sat right behind me. About 7 guys surrounded us. They were sitting in the seats. But all facing us. I was NERVY. Had to clutch the knife! Then before I blinked the guy behind me shot out the back door! And they jumped seats and bust out after him. I felt like I was in Cooley High! That's LA life for YA though. Anywho. I ran across another bus driver spassing out. I don't know when these young people will learn you have to respect your elders. Or get your ass beat!!! Dems the 2012/13 RULES... Baltimore bus drivers not playing out here!!!! That little girl needed to B-More Careful... Side memo: I loved that book! By Shannon Holmes def a GREAT
read They have a used copy on Sale under $2.00 on Amazon. Anywho.... You know I have to replay the CLASSIC Bus Driver fight... YEP!!! "You going to jail now!!!!" Although I don't agree with the young lady being upper pocket. Now she wants to be on Youtube and news shows acting like she's all sweet. She gets a bitch bye! She spit on him. Thats crossing the line. That's the worst thing you can do to a person. So disrespectful. I think its safe to say I will not be riding any buses no time soon!!!!

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