Friday, April 20, 2012

The Yard - 2 Chainz Ziploc Challenge

So I love my team needless to say. People wonder why I'm so loyal to my squad. Watch this here.... Photobucket So Chris DubYa is my graphic artist! Double Line Zip Lock bag is my manager & PR Rep. & The Du-Ragged it one. He's my hired goon lol. Jokes that's my homie too. And they are all crazy! That's why I have them on my team. Never a dull moment I say. But even if I didn't know them I would still love this cartoon. Mad as hell he didn't put me in this one! He know I love me some 2Chains... I'm gonna start a riot imma start a riot!!! But I'm going to have to ask my manager what we am I the comparable to... 2 Chains the Hip Hop 2 line zipper line bag... Y I never. They stupid enjoy!

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