Sunday, April 1, 2012

Diggy Simmons Vs. J Cole Diss


Aight.... My 1st thoughts about the track is.... How can I really take a song that starts "Let me pop my collar..." and "No bull jive" seriously.... (Confused Face) I give him props for staying in his age rang though. But really whats this all about? I hope its not about more then someone saying they slept with his sister.... I'm going to put this one on "Stay out of grown folk business" I'm going to need to put my big sister hat on for a moment. I know how he feeling because I got little brothers. But I also know that my brother, brothers don't know every detail about my sex life. (We all grown here) I'm just keeping it real. He might be getting all huffy and puffy but on the left hand it just might be true. Plenty of people do things they don't want nobody else to know they did. Now I'm not taking sides on this. Because he did kind of go hard on the track.


My thought is... If it was me. I would walk my dogs and handle my own business. Not allow my baby brother to strike the first blow. I'm gong to have to set the nigga straight if that is what has to be done. If its true. I would have to take the Trina route...I did it so fucking what you talk to damn much... Bet I wont do it again NIKKA!!!!

Just EJ's thought on it.

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