Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dat Life

So the Walgreens guy just got his life and his moms life laughing @ me. When i was checking out he asked how i was doing. i just looked @ him crazy like... i said im suppose 2 say ok so we will go w/ that. he said "Yous a lie!!! You over here w/ tissue stuck up ur nose involuntary tears coming down your face! you look so pitiful u need 2 b on somebodies poster! you look like u had a LOOONG night who sneezed on u!!?!?!" So I told him how I was a THUG & I got n2 it w/ this bitch mother nature! & how she put a hit out on me. & her goons Flowers, Grass, Wind, Pollen all been after me since its a rescission.... & I told him how they been bombing 1st but I tried 2 play dead but 1 of them didn't believe me & they put their fingers up my nose and tried to suffocate me a few hours ago... Shit is real out in DES STREETS! Dont try & be about this life!

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