Friday, January 4, 2013

This Ish

So I promise you I listen to every (OK 95%) of the music sent to me. It may not be the exact moment that person sends it to me... But trust.... The time will come and I listen. I really do. So yesterday I get this track.... Which was tagged with all the same things that people tag their music with "Check me out" "CLASSIC" "FIRE" etc.... So I listen.... For reasons unknown to me. And the worst song.... Not the ultimate worst song... But still pretty bad. But it was bad.... It left me a little on the mad side honestly... In case you missed it... Part One "Someone just sent me a video 2 watch that made me mad.... They should have never gave them niggas computer mics!!!! That video honestly just pissed me off.... That's a waste of youtube space... That's it..... I will not watch no video sent to me that has "Fire" "Smash Hit" "Classic" "Real Hip Hop" by it.... REFUSE! Cause yall lying! Its none of those things.... Thats what I think flat like that! Got me errrked early this morning... If I ever see that chick at an event.. I'm taking the mic and bopping her upside the head with it.... Bump that I QUIT MUSIC for the next 2 hours!!!!!!!!! I give up!!!! She a MURDER!!!!!! SHE KILLED THE DREAM!!!!!! Monie Love, Queen La, YoYo, Vintage LIL Kim, Foxy, Lauryn did not pass the mic to her retarded ass.... Got my blood up...." A mini rant also went out on twitter... Which just gave one rapper.... The thought.... I'm going to put all these tags in and make her believe different... Negative.... He later became a tweet stalker..... That's pretty much the best way to get on my last good nerve.... And for me not to hear your music.... And I know Fleet DJ Radio staff pretty much feel the same way... So he really just got blacklisted... I don't play that tweet stalking. Your not going to MAKE me listen to your wackness.... I refuse.... Hell he could be the greatest rapper in the world... But the way it was brought to me was fucked up. So this part of the world will never know. I don't know when I became a buffer and filter for the worlds bad music.... I guess its the job of being a DJ... But I'm really going to do a show and let all the wack songs just ride and let the listeners suffer the pain I do on the daily... Its a dirty job keeping foolishness from the world... But today I wake up and see a video from this cat K-Don on my facebook wall.. I did a strong eye roll... But I listened and was very shocked to say I loved the video and the song was good... Could it be... Could it be my random promo faith has been restored... Check it out I'm feeling this track K-Don... Thanks for restoring my faith in the tag promoting... Because I promise I was too done!!! OOOO My Fleet Bro DJ Hi Volume tagged me in this... OK... OOOOOOOOOOO I'm slow yall K-Don is Highvolume lol Super Slow moment I'm going to share with the world lol.

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